ASTON (Royal Weim Another One Bites The Dust) - PluriCampione
DALI' (Royal Weim Like A Rolling Stone) - World Champion 2018
COSMO (Royal Weim Paint It Black - 25/10/10 - 02/10/22) - PluriCampione
ROARY (NANI'S 'N SHON HU NU) - USA Champion + Grand Champion
ETHAN (Royal Weim Rock Me Amadeus) - PluriCampione
TOM (Nani's Outrage) - PLURICAMPIONE


SIRIA (Royal Weim Diamond Eyes)
MultiCh. Royal Weim Nani's 'N Schon Instant Karma (Tina)
Juno (Royal Weim Venice Queen)
MATY (Royal Weim Matter Of Time)
JUDY (Royal Weim Until The End Of Time) Campione
ASH (Royal Weim Welcome To The Show)
SIENNA (Royal Weim 'N Schon Wisecracker)

Royal Weim History

Zoe (Royal Weim Ruby Tuesday / 2011) - Campione Assoluto
Roll (1999) - Pluricampione
Shotzie (Rissana Hillwood Perfect Shot / 2008) - Campione USA
TOM (Nani's Outrage / 2004) Pluricampione
MAYBE (Nani's To Be Or Not To Be / 2002) - Pluricampione
JEFF (Silversmith Chateau Royal Weim / 2009) - Pluricampione
DALIA (Royal Weim Nani's Grauschatten - 2014) - Campione USA
CLIO (Royal Weim Walking To The Moon - 2012) - PluriCampione
ANYA (Royal Weim Queen Bee / 2010) - Campione Assoluto
TELMA (Royal Weim Back On Top) - Pluricampione